Splash Damage is most notably known for their work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Gears of War 4 and Dirty Bomb. At Splash Damage I have a variety of roles including Community Management, Social Media Management, Video Production and Hosting/Presenting. To accomplish these roles I perform many different tasks, including:

• Attending events to research, network, meet influencers and spread brand awareness
• Managing and promoting content creators, along with reaching out to new ones
• Communicating with players across a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Forums, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, Steam and Snapchat
• Compiling community sentiment reports to help drive development
• Aiding development by providing feedback on upcoming features/events
• Organising and managing limited access playtests for future content
• Writing up pre and post-mortems to enable future success
• Planning marketing strategies
• Creating and executing social media plans/schedules
• Sourcing and creating social media content (still images and video)
• Producing video content, including a weekly series which requires me to write, shoot, present and sometimes edit

Presenter/Stage Host

Oct 2014

In October of 2014 I co-hosted the ESL stage of the League of Legends Four Nations tournament at the MCM Expo in London. The show had an attendance of over 110,000 people and it was my duty to command the stage, entertain and interact with the audience and share important messages from the shows' sponsors. As there were a few technical glitches during the shows it was necessary for me to improvise on stage and keep the audience engaged until the show could continue.


Jan 2012 - Mar 2015



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By creating and maintaining communities for over four years, I form tight-knit followings through unique experiences

A life long passion, university education and industry experience allows me to produce from start to finish

With a strong background in acting and presenting, I confidently own both stage and screen

What I'm All About

Competitive gaming's at the core of who I am. I can't wait for my next event to attend or tournament to dominate

From creating social plans to producing content, your campaign will receive a wider, greater reach



My mission is simple. To engage with players and spark their competitive side by creating high quality, watchable and shareable content. 

Who I've Worked With and What I've Done


Community Manager

Mar 2015 - Present

Media Producer

May 2014 - Mar 2015

For Cooler Master I produced a range of content including product photography, PC hardware reviews, event videos and streamable media. I attended events such as the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) and Gamescom, at both of which I worked closely with their professional teams to create content and attain feedback on their products. At Gamescom I also hosted their booth and acted as both in-game camera operator and shoutcaster to engage, inform and entertain the audience spectating.

TheGamerT3k started off as a YouTube channel I launched with the aim of producing high quality video content for both the eSport and gaming hardware industries. From here I set up TheGamerTek Ltd and was able to use the channel as a platform to work some some of the most well known and established gaming brands including the ESL, Cooler Master and Splash Damage.